Legend has it that a certain wealthy man wanted to go on a long trip, and so called three of his apprentices. Their names were kept a secret, but we know that he left them with magical gifts, supposed to empower them financially while he was gone.

These magical gifts were called talents.

To the first, he gave 5 talents.

To the second, he gave 3 talents.

To the third, he gave 1 talent.

As he sped off in his yellow-painted Ferrari, wearing blue Denim shorts, Calvin Klein T-shirt and dark shades (this was over 2,000 years ago by the way), he left them with a simple instruction: multiply those talents while I’m gone.

Fast forward 20 years later, this wealthy man came back and he marveled at what he saw.

The first apprentice traded his talents and doubled it. He was able to buy over the multi-million dollar race course that belonged to his Master.

The second apprentice did the same with his talents and took over his Master’s winery.

But the third?

You guessed right! He threw his talent into the Atlantic Ocean and went back to the bar as a waiter…for 20 years.

Anyway, here’s the bottom line…

At RATHERSURE, our goal is simple:

To help people build online businesses out of their talents and skills so they can make less mistakes and more money doing the things they love.

In other words, we want to create more people like the first two apprentices and totally eliminate the likelihood of people ending up like the third broke guy.

That’s why we’ve created products and have services that provide the tools, education and assistance needed to make this a reality. And we’re still doing more.

We’re a talented team of people ready to¬†take over the world make the world a better place using digital media.

(the story above is an adaptation of the parable by Jesus in Matthew 25).