How would you like to turn your love for teaching others into a digital business? This case study shows how Adeolu Akinyemi grew his online authority from his passion for people development.

How Adeolu Akinyemi Used His Love For People Development To Grow His Online Authority [Case Study]

Adeolu Akinyemi is one of the first motivational speakers whose trainings have made the most impact in my life.

The first time I heard him teach was back in school, in 2010. And his topic was on Financial Intelligence, relaying his story of how he earned a ton of money, but still didn’t know what it meant to live in financial abundance.

As an entrepreneur committed to developing others through his career, live trainings and blog posts, Adeolu has gone on to win several global and national awards for innovation, peak performance and exemplary professionalism. And that’s aside the fact that he’s one of the top public speakers internationally.

Adeolu runs and a more in-depth look at how he built his authority from his passion is today’s Talentpreneur story.


How he got started

After acquiring his degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering, Adeolu made the decision to not practice as an Engineer but instead get engaged in People Development. This led to his high paying job as A Human Resource Professional.

However, he soon realized that despite the high salary he earned, his finances crawled. His self-education and his constant determination to understand the reason for this is what has now shaped his message that’s centred around financial intelligence.

There was more to earning a living than just making a lot of money. The key is in mastery.

Regardless of what digital business you want to build, and how much you earn, the only way to grow it is by being smart with your money.

Adeolu AkinyemiAs he stated in his speech at a seminar,

If you will be victor or victim, there’s one critical fundamental foundation you need to learn – you need to be financially intelligent.”

You only become financial intelligent and enter into a state of abundance when your expenses are covered by what you earn without working (your passive income).

In other words, as a digital entrepreneur, the best way to really grow your finances is by creating a business that makes you money without you directly being involved.

Now this doesn’t mean you should start just any kind of business for the sole purpose of money. It has to be backed up by your passion, talents and skills for you to follow through with it.

As I outlined in this post, you can either sell products or services. And there’s a big distinction between the two…

  1. When you sell services, you directly exchange your time for money. While it is possible to make a lot of money doing this, money is only earned when you work.
  2. When you sell products, you have the ability to earn without a direct exchange of time. This is the reason why some service based businesses diversify by also creating products.


Building his digital platform

As many other Talentpreneurs, Adeolu also wanted to express himself. He felt he had a lot of value to give, and needed a platform to express it.

Adeolu started blogging in November 2005. As he stated in this interview;

I wanted more than my Job was giving, I had the feeling that I could do more, and be more, and I needed a platform to express myself… the rest is history.”

However, he also understood that by sharing what you know in a way that’s valuable, you eventually become a better person.

Many of us get started online with the intent to receive, regardless of how legit it is. We only see what we can draw out, without necessarily weighing just how badly it could affect us.

And when this happens, we become disgruntled when we get very little in the first few months of starting. But the sincere truth is, if you’re just getting started, don’t expect to make a million dollars overnight, or even in the first year.

It’s so hard to sustain success when everything that comes in gets consumed.

Like every other business, running yours online would definitely cause you grow into someone different. As he stated in the interview:

It’s important that we are legitimate, and pursue opportunities that add to us and give us an opportunity to gain value… remember it’s not what you get that counts, it’s who you become!”

At the same time, it’s super important to be smart about the little you start earning.


Because that little is what is re-invested back into the digital business to make it grow into that dream you have.

If you cannot be trusted to manage common money, who will hand over to you your dreams.”

– Adeolu Akinyemi


How Adeolu Akinyemi earns

Adeolu has consistently built his online authority over the years through his site.  As a professional speaker and consultant, he has been invited to speak at several programs in both the religious and professional space. And I’d add that his offline authority has influenced his online success.

2005 to date is a really long time. And it just looks almost impossible.

Fortunately, it isn’t. As he stated in the interview:

Don’t build your dreams around shortcuts; don’t hope for the best to happen on the first attempt. Plan that you will fail, be ready to experience tough challenges, and make up your mind to simply stick with it until it happens.”

One of the key elements of a well built website is by making what you sell visible for others to see.

This could be through an online shop, or a single landing page that allows potential clients request for your services. This is definitely evident on his Speaking page.

Adeolu also holds mentorship programs and uses his website to drive registration, as he did with this mentorship class.


A few pointers from Adeolu Akinyemi’s Story

  1. Your talents, skills and your financial habits go hand in hand. It doesn’t matter how professionally sound you are, you need to diversify your income.
  2. Remember that running a business from your talents and skills doesn’t just put money in your pocket. It also changes you.

Get all the training you need

Are you also looking for a way to express yourself online? Or perhaps you’re already a budding public speaker? How does building online authority sound to you?

From Adeolu’s story, he grew his authority by starting a blog, creating valuable content and sharing it in a way that built trust. He did all this sharing his message with people, helping them solve their problems.

Like Adeolu, you too can grow your online authority and even earn from it. Let’s make that happen for you.

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