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Most people set up a website and hope that every visitor will click the “Buy Now” button. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

According to Hubspot, approximately 96% of the visitors to your website are not ready to buy on their first visit. To really build a successful digital business that converts visitors into leads and leads into buyers, you need a long-term plan.

It includes:

  1. Content Strategy

    Without a strategy, your marketing is wasted effort. You’ll be committing a crime we like to call, “digital noise”. But we get it, it can get overwhelming and confusing when trying to settle on the right strategy to use for your business.

    Together, we’ll hone in on who your target audience is so you speak to the right person. Then, with an empathy map, you’ll be able to get into the mind of your target audience so you can communicate using terms and language that they understand.

    And afterwards, you’ll get a complete content strategy that if followed, will ensure that every piece of content you create leads to either more social shares, new leads or more sales, depending on your goals.

  3. Content Marketing

    This is the second ingredient in the whole recipe. Professionals miss it here because they have a faulty strategy. This is the stage where people blog for months with no results.

    But that’s about to change, right?

    Content marketing involves content creation and promotion. Depending on your strategy and what your business needs, we’ll create your content so you can spend time on other important business tasks.

    For this service, we’ll help you engage your visitors and audience by creating engaging and optimized blog posts. We’ll help you leverage the authority of bigger sites and social media that get you more traffic.

    When this traffic converts to leads, you’ll convert those leads to clients and buyers with the email newsletters we create.

  5. Membership Website Design

    This is where people mess with code and plugins, create websites that aren’t mobile friendly and then give their audience a user experience that sucks.

    You’d agree that it’s almost impossible to concentrate on creative work and deal with all these tech issues, right?

    Do you have training courses you’d like to sell to students? Or perhaps you just need a website solution that has an enviable design, delivers a good membership experience for your prospects and has no hosting issues?

    We’ll help you build a fully hosted digital marketing and sales platform that includes a frontend, content-driven website, learning management system, and sophisticated members area with the capability for you to sell digital goods easily.

    You’ll never have to waste valuable time with plugins, complicated code, hosting, maintenance, or upgrades.


"I wanted my business to be visible and standout. I also wanted a second sale tool to engage and interact with my customers. I would recommend RATHERSURE to anyone looking for a webmaster, marketing strategist, or a content writer. They’re very professional, creative and great active listeners. They will work with you and adapt to just about any business style. They put their heart into their work and will give it 100% every time no matter what."

Dienabou Diallo

Founder, Diena Simply Natural


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