In 2010, Lanre wrote mainly for his local Church until he discovered the power of blogging early 2011. By trying out his hands on Copywriting, this landed him his first freelance writing client in September 2011.

Fast forward 3 years, he built his first team of 5 freelance writers for his writing agency which was still in it’s infant stage but handled 6 figure writing projects. Unfortunately, it never passed infancy as it went under in 2014. The only alternative was to get a job as finance became a struggle.

However, within one year, he rebuilt his digital business – RATHERSURE, this time, using content marketing as a flagship service. By August 2014, revenue from the business surpassed his monthly salary. So he quit his job (after working there for only one year) to refocus on growing his business.

Oluwatobi Olanrewaju Solarin (alias Lanre Solarin) is the Digital Director of RATHERSURE Concepts, an organization founded with the vision of helping people build online businesses out of their talents, the same way he was able to do the same from his writing talent.

With the help of the great team behind RATHERSURE, the vision is achievable.